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Besides my work as a consulting trends expert, I also set up trends departments inside large corporations to help them create a culture of  innovation and creativity instead of relying on external consultants. Having an internal trends department ensures that all the research and implications are focused on the company and brands' business objectives.

Creating these departments enabled me to become a reliable source of inspiration and innovation for the business strategy, marketing and product development teams. It also provided with invaluable internal company insights which I can now use with my clients. 


My work impacted and still impacts to this day, the future thinking of these companies and has lead them to create more meaningful human centric innovations.


Whether working externally or internally I always deliver unique and original content for each company, making sure that my research and analysis become an essential tool for all the teams and markets globally

Creative Hub department at 

From 2014 to 2021, I was the Director of the Creative Hub, the internal trends department at Puig in Spain and France. 

During my time at Puig, I led the Creative Hub, the internal trends department of the group. My role was to identify and analyse socio-cultural trends in order to help the fragrance and fashion brands become more innovative and creative. I designed a comprehensive inspiration programme which included an annual trends report, workshops, conferences, inspiration trips and an internal online platform. I infused creativity and future thinking across the whole organisation and used my international creative network to inspire and collaborate with the teams on future strategy as well as specific projects such as Comme des garçons Floriental campaign with Nick Knight, Copper with Lex Pot, Black Pepper with Faye Toogood as well as many creative partnerships with talents such as Georgina Graham, Angelo Flaccavento and institutions such as the Vasarely Fondation. 

My annual trends reports were used internally to identify new brand territories and opportunities for innovation across product development, retail, communications and digital.

See the annual trends reports I created here 

Global Trends at

In 2011, I joined Telefonica's global R&D department in Spain to set up their international trends department . 


My achievements at O2 lead me to integrate the global R&D division at Telefonica where I was responsible for the trends and future insights strategy to help create human centric innovations. I worked alongside computer scientists, business strategists and marketing teams to develop meaningful innovations and products.


My annual trends reports were used internally by all the teams globally, to align them behind a common future vision (across 20 markets) as well as externally to promote the innovation spirit of Telefonica.


I lectured at Telefonica University about trends and also represented the company’s future vision at leading technology and innovation events and conferences around the world.

See the annual trends reports I created here 


I was hired by O2 to create their first trends and future insights department. Working alongside the New Business and Business strategy teams I contributed to new innovation projects, acquisitions and funding of new companies and products as well as start ups.


I created the first O2 annual trends report and conducted workshops and presentations across all the O2 markets to help build a common future vision.

See the annual trends reports I created here 


Future & Trends insights at

From 2009 to 2011 I was the Head of Future & Trends Insight at O2 in the U.K. 

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