I design inspiration trips and retail safaris so that my clients can experience first-hand the trends I identify. I have exclusive access to the most inspiring creative talents, projects and places worldwide which enables me to provide extremely inspirational and one of a kind learning trips. Each itinerary is designed according to my client's specific needs and objectives. It can range from creative inspiration, retail, design, architecture, technology, innovation, fashion, beauty and sustainability

I have also organised trips for VCs to select start ups to invest in, in Scandinavia, Europe and Latin America.

What territories

do I cover?

inspiration trip to

a two-day trip to discover the best creative people, places and projects the city has to offer. 

What’s on the itinerary?

Start the day with a breakfast at the home of Copenhagen’s most iconic creative talent to get an introduction about the city’s creativity. 

Throughout the day, I organise unique creative encounters with local talents at their studio, office and sometimes home, so that they can share their creative process and work as well as set up private visits of exclusive places such as private collectors homes and out of normal hours cultural visits. 

The itinerary is from breakfast to dinner.  From the choice of  hotel and the selection of people and places to visit, I design a totally immersive creative experience. I am physically present throughout the whole itinerary, as it is built around my personal network of experts and the access I get is unique. The organisation is flawless, surprising and inspiring throughout the whole trip. 

What’s the outcome of the trip? 

Creative inspiration that is applicable to design, communications, advertising, digital, retail, architecture, innovation and technology, depending on the brief given to me by my clients. In addition, because the creative encounters and visits are intimate and personal, new connections are made around the world helping my clients expand their creative network. 

curated visit in

a one day visit of Salone del Mobile in Milan to discover the must see installations and projects, with the designers present for each visit. 

What’s on the itinerary?

I scout a few days prior to the visit the must see presentations of Salone del Mobile depending on my client’s brief. 

Thanks to my close relationships with designers, I am able to ensure that each visit is commented by the design team and that queues are avoided during this very popular and therefore crowded event. 

What’s the outcome of the trip? 

Design inspiration for retail, architecture, design and events. My clients are able to build direct connections with emerging and established designers presented during the fair. 

retail safari

a one day discovery of London’s best beauty places and experts to understand first hand the new industry trends from high street to high fashion looks, retail spaces, new products, innovative packages and key influencers. 

What’s on the itinerary?

Meetings with key beauty experts (makeup artists, journalists, creative directors), visits of innovative retail spaces with the owners present to tell their story, curated selection of new beauty products to know about and introductions to beauty design agencies and influencers. 

What’s the outcome of the safari? 

Creative inspiration to develop new products, retail concepts, packaging, campaigns and the opportunity to connect with leading beauty experts in person.