I organise workshops to help companies build future proof strategies on many subjects such as mobility, retail, consumer trends, cultural trends, ageing, beauty and specific regional markets (such as Latin America, Middle East and Korea). For these workshops I often invite leading experts to contribute and share their knowledge based on the specific objectives of my clients to ensure the outcomes are actionable insights.



a deep dive into the world of beauty with the help of key players and experts in the industry in an inspiring location in Paris with bespoke content and creative direction.

1 day workshop

120 participants

15 experts


an immersive workshop to learn about the socio-cultural trends relevant to this region with the contribution from experts in art, design, retail, fashion and fragrance.

1 day workshop

100 participants

6 experts


one day workshop with Telefonica computer science & UX teams to develop new innovation projects based on trends related to emotional communications. 

1 day workshop

20 participants