Ariane Van de Ven

Our audiences were captivated by Ariane’s future forecasting. Her insightful preparation and the presentation were extremely well received by colleagues in London and, further afield in New York, Italy and Sri Lanka... Ariane's insights have provoked many interesting discussions within the business.

Louise Clements, Director of Internal Communications & Online, London Stock Exchange Group

Ariane Van de Ven is one of the world's leading trends expert. She combines an understanding of technology and social change, and at their intersection, what are the specific opportunities for business. Moreover, Ariane presents her conclusions and recommendations in such a compelling manner, that her advice is far more likely to engage a business and to effect transformational strategic change. Ariane can engage and activate all levels of an organisation - getting them to see a future opportunity through a fresh lens.

James Walker, Senior Partner, Prophet

When we wrote our book on the future of work "El ocaso del empleo" we sought the opinion of a number of specialists in a variety of domains who could illustrate us on the emerging trends that are transforming the world of work. One of the names that rapidly came to our mind was Ariane's. As a global trends expert she provided us with insightful information on emerging behaviors and attitudes that are likely to influence and reshape the employment market, how organizations manage their human capital, and the world of work in general. Ariane also demonstrated to be very responsive, open, and collaborative. It was a pleasure to work with her in that project.

Santiago Garcia, Jakobsland Partners

Ariane constantly manages to capture and distil the global consciousness, down to its heartbeat. She has top talent for filtering key social trends that will affect our brands, products and services, today and in the future. Not just a skilled researcher, but a thorough and intelligent inquirer, a brilliant presenter, a collaborator and an invaluable resource.

Luca Franchi, Tech Futures Director, BSkyB