Ariane Van de Ven

Being a trends expert is about developing a vision about the way people will be like in the future. I observe emerging behaviours, I identify the emotional drivers behind these changes and I research the new needs and aspirations people will have in the future. From these insights I identify socio-cultural trends and I create related typologies (mindsets) of people that I think will become more important in the future.

My trends research enables me to evaluate how well prepared a company, an organization or a brand is for the future. I am able to see white spaces and I can identify challenges but also opportunities to develop a future-proof strategy that will deliver meaningful value to people.

The main activities I do are:
• trends presentations (conferences, lectures
• trends workshops
• trends research with strategic recommendations
• trends inspiration trips & retail safaris
• trends writing (books, articles, thought pieces)

To find out more about my experience and work, please check my Biography, Press and Testimonals